The Diapason Press

Corpus Microtonale

Paul Rapoport

for mixed choir a capella
on poems by Erica Jong

CM 23

mixed choir (SATB)

Relatively little vocal music has been composed using microtonal pitches. Rapoport’s choir songs are unique in that every piece is presented in two versions: the true version in 31-tone tuning, and an arrangement in 12-tone tuning, which can be used for study, to become familiar with the pieces before beginning to explore the intricacies of the 31-tone tuning. The musical part of this publication is preceded by a comprehensive introductory essay by the composer, explaining the properties of the 31-tone scale and the way it is used in the compositions.

Offprints of separate songs are available at reduced prices for use by choirs. Please contact the Diapason Press.

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1 score (?? pp.)
21 x 30 cm
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About 31-tone equal temperament and six songs written in it: An essay with Songs of fruits and vegetables by Paul Rapoport  
1 Introduction 7
2 31-tone equal temperament: the rationale 7
3 31-tone equal temperament: the nomenclature 12
4 The songs: introduction 18
5 The individual songs 20
  (1) Goodbye (Apple) 20
  (2) Onion 21
  (3) Bananas 22
  (4) Tomato 24
  (5) Artichoke 25
  (6) Dessert (Peach) 26
Notes on performance 29
Songs of fruits and vegetables
Music by Paul Rapoport
Poems by Erica Jong
1 Goodbye (Apple)  
  (1a) 31-tone version 36
  (1b) 12-tone version 38
2 Onion  
  (2a) 31-tone version 42
  (2b) 12-tone version 49
3 Bananas  
  (3a) 31-tone version 58
  (3b) 12-tone version 62
4 Tomato  
  (4a) 31-tone version 68
  (4b) 12-tone version 73
5–6 Artichoke and Dessert (Peach)  
  (5a) and (6a) 31-tone version 80
  (5b) and (6b) 12-tone version 87