The Diapason Press

The Diapason Press is a specialized musicological publishing house, founded in 1983, with emphasis on works that have special significance in view of the developments of the tonal systems of Western music. Among its publications there are both music and books on music. The music publications of the Diapason Press are comprised in two series, the General Series and the Corpus Microtonale. The book publications are part of the series Tuning and Temperament Library.

The General Series includes music that is playable on regular musical instruments, such as keyboard (harpsichord, etc.), violin, flute, recorder, et cetera.

The Corpus Microtonale includes music for the performance of which special instruments are needed, usually with more then twelve pitches per octave. Such music normally is called microtonal music.

The Tuning and Temperament Library includes facsimile reprints of the most important texts on tuning and temperament from Western music history. All texts—in a variety of original languages—contain comprehensive introductions which give access to the text even with little or no knowledge of the original languages.

Because of the international character of the Diapason Press, all editions have English titles, introductions, and commentaries. Special care is given to the layout and appearance of all the publications of the Diapason Press. Covers have the colors which serve as background of the respective web pages.

The Diapason Press is a private press, with limited editions.
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J. G. Pusey

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