The Diapason Press

Corpus Microtonale

Nicola Vicentino


for four voices

(Rome, 1555)

edited by Alexander Silbiger

CM 33

four-part vocal ensemble (SATB)

The enharmonic vocal compositions of Nicola Vicentino are historical curiosities, in which the sixteenth-century quest for expansion of tonal resources reached its limits. Although they inspired several other attempts at introducing the enharmonic genus into musical compositions, they are unique in their highly personal interpretation of this genus, and the consistency and boldness with which this interpretation is applied. This edition collects four pieces (three of them incomplete, unfortunately), which were included in Vicentino’s treatise L’antica musica ridotta alla moderna prattica (Rome 1555). One is on Latin text, three on Italian.

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21 x 30 cm
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Introduction by Alexander Silbiger 5
  The theoretical basis for Vicentino’s enharmonicism 6
  The musical basis for Vicentino’s enharmonicism 6
  The enharmonic compositions 7
  Suggestions for performance 8
  The edition 9
  Critical notes 10
Four Enharmonic Madrigals  
  Musica prisca caput 14
  Soav’e dolc’ardore 17
  Dolce mio ben 18
  Madonna, il poco dolce 20