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General Series

George Frideric Handel

(ca. 1738)

edited by Pieter Dirksen
introduction by Jan Jaap Haspels

DP 36

harpsichord or organ

This publication contains the transcriptions of twenty pieces of music as they were programmed ca. 1738 on the cylinders of two English organ clocks. The clocks—now known as the Braamcamp clock and the Windsor Castle clock—were made by the celebrated English clockmaker Charles Clay; the music was composed and/or arranged for the organ cylinder by George Frideric Handel. Several of the pieces are known to be arrangements of, among others, opera arias and keyboard pieces. Pieces thus far ‘unidentified’ may or may not be based on pre-existing material. The transcriptions represent down to the minutest detail (including a great deal of written-out ornamentation) the actual performance of the music as it first sounded in the late 1730s. They are playable on, for example, harpsichord orchamber organ. This publication contains pieces by Handel not available elsewhere in a musical edition. The edition is provided with several photographs of the interiors and exteriors of the clocks.

ISBN n/a (paper)
1 score (40 pp. - 5 illus.)
21 x 30 cm
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  Introduction by Jan Jaap Haspels 5
The Braamcamp Handel-Clay clock
1 Ariadne 11
2 Allegro 12
3 Minuet 13
4 Variation 15
5 [Sì, tra i ceppi] 16
6 Second Air 18
7 Third Air 21
8 [Andante] 21
9 Fifth Air 23
10 Sixth Air 25
The Windsor Castle Handel-Clay clock
11 [Air] 26
12   27
13 [Gigue] 29
14   30
15 [Allegro] 31
16 [Va godendo] 33
17 [In mar tempestoso] 34
18 [Dell’onda i fieri moti] 36
19 [Fifth Air] 37
20 [Sixth Air] 38
1 The Braamcamp Handel-Clay organ clock 4
2 Side panel of the Braamcamp clock 8
3 Back panel of the Braamcamp clock 9
4 Dial of the Braamcamp clock 10
5 The Windsor Castle Handel-Clay organ clock 40