The Diapason Press

Author/Composer/Editor Index

Rudolf Rasch

CM 1 Adriaan Daniël Fokker: Selected musical compositions (1948–1972)
CM 3 Fabio Colonna: Esempio della circolatione, for 31-tone keyboard (1618)
CM 22 Charles Delusse: Air à la grecque, for flute and bass in the diatonic, chromatic, and enharmonic genres (1760)
DP 1 Johann David Heinichen, Georg Andreas Sorge, Johann Philipp Kirnberger: Three musical circles, for keyboard
DP 2 Johann Philipp Kirnberger: Sonata, for flute and figured bass (G major), with the harmonic seventh, from Vermischte Musikalien (1769)
DP 3 Jacob van Eyck: Three pieces, for soprano recorder, from Euterpe (1644), not included in Der Fluyten Lust-hof
DP 4 Pieter Hellendaal: Celebrated rondo, for violin and figured bass (1790)
DP 7 Johann Philipp Kirnberger: Clavierübungen, Erste Sammlung (1761). With complete fingerings after Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
DP 8 Johann Philipp Kirnberger: Clavierübungen, Zweyte Sammlung (1762). With complete fingerings after Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
DP 9 Johann Philipp Kirnberger: Clavierübungen, Dritte Sammlung (1763). With complete fingerings after Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
DP 10 Johann Philipp Kirnberger: Clavierübungen, Vierte Sammlung (1766). With fingerings according to the system of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
DP 18 Cornelis Thymanszoon Padbrué: Two synphoniae in nuptias, for one (two) melody instrument(s) and bass (1641–1642)
DP 19 Elias Brunnenmüller: Two sonatas, for flute and figured bass (1712)
DP 21 George Frideric Handel, Quirinus van Blankenburg: Two fugues on the same theme, from Six fugues (1735) and Elementa musica (1739)
TTL 1 Andreas Werckmeister: Musicalische Temperatur (Quedlinburg 1691)
TTL 2 Joseph Sauveur: Collected writings on musical acoustics (Paris 1700–1713)
TTL 3 Friedrich Suppig: Labyrinthus musicus & Calculus musicus. Facsimile of the manuscripts Paris, Bibliothèque du Conservatoire Rés. F 211–212 (Dated Dresden, 24 June 1722)
TTL 4 R. H. M. Bosanquet: An elementary treatise on musical intervals and temperament (London 1876)
TTL 5A Johann Georg Neidhardt: Beste und leichteste Temperatur des Monochordi (Jena 1706)
TTL 5B Johann Georg Neidhardt: Sectio canonis harmonici (Königsberg 1724) & Gäntzlich erschöpfte, mathematische Abtheilungen des diatonisch-chromatischen, temperirten Canonis Monochordi (Königsberg 1732)
TTL 6 Christiaan Huygens: Le cycle harmonique (Rotterdam 1691) & Novus cyclus harmonicus (Leiden 1724), with Dutch and English translations
TTL 21 Simon Stevin: Van de spiegheling der singconst (manuscript ca. 1605)