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Johann Philipp Kirnberger

for flute and figured bass
(G major)
with the harmonic seventh
Vermischte Musikalien (1769)

edited by Rudolf Rasch

DP 2

(Baroque) flute and figured bass (harpsichord, clavichord or organ, with optional violoncello or viola da gamba)

Kirnberger’s Vermischte Musikalien of 1769 contain keyboard music, sonatas for violin, flute, oboe, etc. The flute sonata, now published for the first time in a modern edition, contains a special effect in bar 11 of the first movement. The flute part asks for a ‘F i’, a pitch a little lower than normal F, so that the interval with the G below has the ratio of 4:7, the so-called ‘harmonic seventh’. The introduction of the edition provides further information. This sonata can be played on normal instruments; it is written in the style galant of C. P. E. Bach, whose contemporary Kirnberger was.

ISBN 90-70907-03-8 (paper)
1 score (16 pp.) + 2 parts (flute 4 pp., bass 2 pp.)
21 x 30 cm
€10.50 or US$10.50


Introduction by Rudolf Rasch 3
Sonata G major  
  Adagio 4
  Allegro 6
  Menuet 11
  Double I 12
  Double II 13
  Double III 14
  Double IV 15