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Pieter Hellendaal

violin and figured bass

edited by Rudolf Rasch

DP 4

violin and bass (?)

The Celebrated rondo is one of the last works of the Dutch composer Pieter Hellendaal (1721–1799), who spent much of his life in England. It is a rather peculiar piece. In fact, it is not a rondo at all, and it is unknown why it is specified as ‘celebrated’. Moreover, the suggested alternative performance by a keyboard instrument seems rather unfit for its typical violin idioms, which are as easy as effective.

ISBN 90-70907-05-4 (paper)
1 score (8 pp.) + 2 parts (violin 1 p., bass 1 p.)
21 x 30 cm
€7.50 or US$7.50


Introduction by Rudolf Rasch 3
Celebrated Rondo 4