The Diapason Press

General Series

Johann Philipp Kirnberger

Zweyte Sammlung

With complete fingerings after
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

edited by Rudolf Rasch

DP 8

harpsichord (clavichord, organ, pianoforte)

Kirnberger’s second collection is in many ways similar to his first volume (DP 7); it is different in some respects too. It has fewer, but more extended pieces than the simple minuets and polonaises of the first volume. It provides a larger variety of pieces, including an Aria with variations, some of which employ a double-manual keyboard technique as in Bach«s Goldberg Variations. There is a Chaconne and two pieces by Handel, one from the well-known A major suite, the other one (a D minor Gigue) adapted from an instrumental piece of Handel’s opera Partenope (London 1730). This second volume has, as a matter of fact, again complete fingerings in the system of C. P. E. Bach.

ISBN n/a (paper)
1 score (24 pp.)
21 x 30 cm
€13.50 or US$13.50


Introduction by Rudolf Rasch 3
Bourrée 7
Menuet 7
Presto 8
Gique par Mr. Hendel 10
Allegro 12
Aria 13
  Variatio I 14
  Variatio II 14
  Variatio III 15
  Variatio IV 16
  Variatio V 16
  Variatio VI 17
  Variatio VII 18
Chaconne: Taniec Staroswiecki 18
Menuet 1 20
Menuet 2 20
Menuet 1 21
Menuet 2 21
Gique par Mr. G. F. Hendel 22