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Elias Brunnenmüller

flute and figured bass

edited by Rudolf Rasch

DP 19

(Baroque) flute and figured bass (harpsichord, organ, with optional violoncello, bass viol or bassoon)

Elias Brunnenmüller (ca. 1670?-1762?) was a German musician who spent most of his lifetime in the Netherlands. At the beginning of the 18th century he settled in Amsterdam. Three volumes of music wered published within a short period of time, of which the VI Sonates à un hautbois ou violon et basse continue (1712; Six sonatas for a oboe or violin, and figured bass) came last. The fifth and sixth sonatas of this collection are, as specified in the original edition, equally suited for the flute. Indeed, their keys (E minor, D major) and idioms typically refer to the early-18th-century transverse flute.

ISBN n/a (paper)
1 score (20 pp.) + 1 part (flute/bass 16 pp.)
21 x 30 cm
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Introduction by Rudolf Rasch 3
Sonata V  
  Adagio 4
  Vivace 5
  Adagio 7
  Allegro 8
  Adagio 10
  Allegro 10
Sonata VI  
  Adagio 12
  Vivace 13
  Adagio 15
  Allegro 16
  Adagio 18
  Bourrée 19